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    Post  Olympus on Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:48 pm

    Olympus stands alone in the ring, leaning against the ropes and looking out into the sea of faces surrounding him.

    Olympus: Y'know, a long time ago I heard a funny saying. It was something about how outright lies somehow become reality, simply because every believes in it. Like Santa Claus. Oops, sorry kids.

    Cameras pan around to some teary-eyed kid booing Olympus. Next shot shows Olympus snickering and flashing a cocky grin.

    Olympus: What's my point, you ask? Well, besides crushing the childhood of every little pipsqueak in here, it's this: I want to put to rest this belief, one I have heard around here and see now in all your faces, this belief that NiXON is better than me.

    The crowd cheers Olympus's rival, causing a slight twitch in his grin. Olympus rolls his eyes.

    Olympus: Yeah.....that guy. Let's recap our match history, shall we? Round One was a no contest, due to mister timekeeper over there with the itchy trigger finger. Ain't that right, pal?

    Olympus glares over at the timekeeper, who cringes, still remembering his last run-in with the towering behemoth Olympus.

    Olympus: Seems like you remember. Good for you. Anyways, first match is a writeoff. Lucky for NiXON, the second match they put us in is a Best 2 of 3 Subs match. Really? A Submission match? Let's get one thing straight. I don't DO submissions! Making other wrestlers tap out just ain't my thing. I'd rather connect with a knee to the skull, or a right hook square in the nose. I'm no sub master; I prefer to concuss, wound, and bleed out my opponents, simple as that! You might as well ask Stevie Wonder to shoot clay pigeons! So NiXON fluked out a win there. But better than me? Here's a novel idea, let's keep it simple, shall we? A one fall match, for that New Blood title. No submission bullcrap, no draws, we fight until I get the pin. Simple, no? Now let's settle this, once and for all!

    With that, Olympus drops the mic and hops up on the turnbuckle, facing the titantron.

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