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    something is changed


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    something is changed Empty something is changed

    Post  Sergiu*aka*Nightmare on Thu May 31, 2012 12:54 am

    Sergiu's entrance song is heard in the arena.

    Sergiu make his appearance on the ramp with an microphone in his hand.

    Sergiu : "DO I MISS YOU?"

    The audience start boo Sergiu.

    Sergiu(smiling) : "I think not."

    Sergiu make his way to the ring.

    Sergiu : "In my own country people still hate me because I'm one of the greatest superstar coming from this country,but it's ok,it's ok because once again I prove I'm right.let's see if you remember this?"

    Sergiu look at Titan Tron.On Titan Tron appear an movie.

    Sergiu : "Ok ok people let's see if we fave another oppinions here."

    A man wearing an short with Soho Sixx rise his hand.

    Sergiu go to him.

    Sergiu : "What we have here. Soho is your favorite?"

    The man : "No."

    Sergiu : "Ok then who is?"

    The man : "The Wicker Man."

    Sergiu : "The SCT Legends is seems have some great fans here."

    The Man : "Yeah the SCT Legends are great unlike you.You Sucks man ."

    Sergiu get back one feet and have an surprised face.

    Sergiu : "What do you mean?"

    The man : "I love SCT shows but I hate to see an untalented man like you in thouse shows."

    Sergiu : "I'm untalented?Really?"

    The Man : "I don't give 3 minutes with any SCT Legend,that's why you never didn't get any title shoot here."

    Sergiu : "Did you say I'm untalented and I can't beat any SCT Legend?Man your crazy."

    The man : "Seriously ? I'm crazy? Then tell me why your the only romanian guy who didn't have a title shoot in SCT?"

    Sergiu : "I don't know maybe because nobody get me that chance."

    The man : "Go away man I hope you'll not fight tonight."

    Sergiu : "Well I don't have a fight tonight but I get one if I want."

    The Man : "Oh then challenge Soho to a fight,he will beat your ass so bad and that's will be a pleasure for us to see Soho."

    Sergiu : "What? Do you want to fight with grandpa Soho?"

    The man : "Yes."

    Sergiu : "What do you think people I can't beat Soho?"

    The audience : "NO ."

    Sergiu is surprised again.

    Sergiu : "What? you all think I can't get an SCT Legend or win a title here on SCT?"

    The audience : "NO ."

    Sergiu is angry.

    Sergiu : "Ok to be clear for everyone I can Beat granfa Soho and I challange Grandpa Soho to come right now,right here in ring with me to show you hypocrites who I am."


    Sergiu : "So this happened Friday, March 09, 2012 and today is Friday June 01 , 2012 ,so are 9 weeks from that incident ,when you people say i can't beat Soho and i can't be champion and now look at me,I've end Soho's career and I'm champion. "

    Sergiu rise his title proud.

    Sergiu : "But you still believe I'm nothing.I sick tired of you..."

    Sergiu is interrupted by Benjamin Breeg .

    Benjamin Breeg : " Sergiu I watch and I analyzed you and I think you have potential."

    Sergiu : " Thank you sir is a pleasure to see somebody appreciate my work."

    Benjamin Breeg : " That's why I give you the chance to prove your one of the biggest champion from Squared Circle Terror and your opponent is one of the new signs made it by me,SzymonL."

    The audience explode and Sergiu is not happy about thouse news.

    Sergiu : " A non-title match with SzymonL,it's ok."

    Benjamin Breeg : " Who said is a non-title match?You said you a great champion,well this is you chance to prove that,beat SzymonL tonight and your gonna be one of the biggest superstars from history if this make you happy."

    Sergiu : "Are you kidding me right now?"

    Benjamin Breeg : " I look like I'm the man with Jokes here?Good Luck buddy and people enjoy this fight."

    Benjamin Breeg leave the ramp side.

    Sergiu is worried about his match and leave the ring disapproving Benjamin's decision.

    The audience is pleased about this news.

    the fragment was taken from this show

    http://s1.thewrestlinggame.com/federation/view_show.asp?id=24995 and will be nice to make this like was in the show.

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    something is changed Empty Re: something is changed

    Post  Wicker on Thu May 31, 2012 1:53 am


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