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    Off to a Bumpy Start

    dark horse
    dark horse

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    Off to a Bumpy Start Empty Off to a Bumpy Start

    Post  dark horse on Tue May 15, 2012 5:59 pm

    Nilda walks into Bejamin Breeg's office and smiles at him and says hello to Janice Stevens. Janice ignores her.

    Breeg: Well wow, aren't you a little young to be back here? Come come, sit down.

    He seems really interested but Nilda stands looking at him with one eyebrow raised. He turns the chair for her and pats the back for her to sit. Janice rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Nilda starts backing up with a funny look on her face.

    Breeg: I don't bite.

    Nilda hesitantly sits down and Breeg sits at the edge of the desk.

    Breeg: You look a little familiar. Where are yo..?

    Janice: She's Wendy's sister and she's the girlfriend of...

    Dark Horse walks in and looks around at everyone. He glares at Benjamin Breeg. Janice puts her hands on her head and sighs.

    Dark Horse: Bad move Mr. President!

    Breeg: Why all these interruptions; who are you now?

    Dark Horse: The reason your eyes might close if they don't stop looking at Nilda like that.

    Nilda stands up smiling at Dark Horse. DH walks over and gets between Nilda and Breeg. Benjamin Breeg gets up and goes behind his desk and rifles through some files. He pulls one out and plops it down on the desk in front of Dark Horse with a pen.

    Breeg: Sign this!

    Dark Horse: What is it?

    Breeg: I'm not paying you to ask questions just to do what I say, no sing it.

    Dark Horse starts to get closer to the desk but Janice jumps up.

    Janice: It's something his cousin asked him to get signed. He's a fan. Please.

    She smiles at him and winces when she looks at Breeg and sees his facial expression.

    Dark Horse sings the piece of paper and then sits down next to Nilda. He looks sideways at her and smiling and then turns his attention back to Breeg.

    Breeg: The great one, the people's champion, the crowd favorite... who went bust. I am not impressed by anything you've done over the last two seasons. I mean, you were the one guy that could get in league with the so called good guys and betray them in the same night, could walk into an arena and pull a win out of a sure loss. And now here you are; a punk with a pretty woman to replace winning and getting the crowd excited. Seems like you need; what was her name?

    Janice: Ava.

    Breeg: Not this pretty young woman.

    Nilda: Who's Ava?

    Dark Horse is glaring at Benjamin Breeg and ignoring Nilda He looks like he's about to spring forward and grab onto Benjamin Breeg. Just as he moves.

    Breeg: I'm giving you a chance to get back on top of your game, Champ. I like that look. That looks like the old DH for a minute there. The one that would do anything and everything to entertain the fans and walk out of the arena holding his hands and head high. But I bet you're nothing but a punk these days.

    Dark Horse grabs him and slams him on the desk hard. Nilda and Janice grab hold of Dark Horse before he could start beating him.

    Janice: Get him out of here!

    Nilda drags Dark Horse out of the office and they leave.

    Janice: Are you crazy? Why are you picking on these guys?

    Breeg: Because I want the best out of them. I am going to push the limits of the SCT roster starting tonight. Let's see how he responds.

    Camera fades


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    Off to a Bumpy Start Empty Re: Off to a Bumpy Start

    Post  Wicker on Wed May 16, 2012 1:47 am


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