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    NOT on the line Empty NOT on the line

    Post  Frank.Jaegar on Wed May 02, 2012 2:25 pm

    From a far the camera zooms right to the middle of the ring where Frank Jaegar and The Heavenly Fighter show off their titles.

    The crowd is cheering them and occasional chants like “THF” and BI-O-HA-ZZARD!” arise

    Frank Jaegar is putting the title around his waist again, and gets himself a mic while THF is putting his title over his shoulder

    Frank Jaegar: “BERLIN, GERMANY!!!”

    The audience cheers loudly

    Frank Jaegar: “What a pleasure to have Pandemonium happen in such a great city!”

    Crowd: “BER-LIN, BER-LIN, BER-LIN!”

    Frank Jaegar: “And what a great night this already is.”

    Frank Jaegar scratches a huge patch that's on his forehead.

    Frank Jaegar: “Of course, not every event of this night was perfectly planned, but still, I'm loving it.”

    Frank Jaegar looks at THF

    Frank Jaegar: “I'm very sorry ladies. But for reasons I'm just about to explain to you, THF has decided to not loose a word about the current situation.”

    THF nods and Frank Jaegar continues

    Frank Jaegar: “Where do I begin?”

    He looks around

    Frank Jaegar: “You see, it is Pandemonium, the PPV. Each and every SCT championship known to man is on the line, except...”

    He points at himself and THF

    Frank Jaegar: “...ours. The Tag Team Championships are NOT on the line tonight!”

    He looks across the crowd again as he makes a little pause

    Frank Jaegar: “And that made me think. Why is that so? We are the champions. Champions don't challenge. Champions are being challenged. Almost every person in that locker room should be after our titles.”

    He looks up the stage as if he could see behind that curtain

    Frank Jaegar: “Why haven't we been challenged yet? I have been expecting being challenged by Tuesday already, but nothing happened. So at the PPV we're out here...”

    He points right before him down to the ring

    Frank Jaegar: “...in the middle of this SCT ring, and we, the Tag Team Champions... we're not being challenged. It's PPV and the Tag Titles are not on the line. What's wrong?”

    He points up the ramp

    Frank Jaegar: “Not even a single woman comes out crying around what went wrong this time. Or...or...or complaining that they weren't ready last time. That the last match was a fluke, a... a...”

    He winks into the camera

    Frank Jaegar: “And other wrestlers don't even think of showing up here, either.”

    He lifts his finger as he looks at THF

    Frank Jaegar: “I know what this is all about. We're the the bottom of the fed. The low ranks.”

    He looks as if he's about to spit right into the ring

    Frank Jaegar: “We're the nobodies of this federation.”

    Boos arise from the crowd and Frank Jaegar looks to the ground


    Slowly, very slowly Frank Jaegars finger rises. Higher and higher his arm reaches until he can't reach any higher. Cheers from the audience occur again

    Frank Jaegar: “... ... ... NEY, withdrawn!”

    He looks up again and points at THF

    Frank Jaegar: “WE are the fresh and you blood around here.”

    He points at himself

    Frank Jaegar: “WE are the FUTURE of this federation.”

    The crowd cheers even louder.

    Frank Jaegar: “And I'm not only speaking of myself and THF here. I'm taking the time also mentioning Valerio and Nomed the 2nd. WE are the FUTURE OF THIS INDUSTRY!”

    He points back up the aisle

    Frank Jaegar: “There are many great names backstage. Men and women like The Wicker Man, Twilight Storm or Dark Horse. People who gave up everything to make an impact in this business.”

    He shakes his head

    Frank Jaegar: “BUT...They will not be around forever to carry the federation on their backs.”

    He walks over to THF again, pointing at themselves.

    Frank Jaegar: “WE are here. WE are ready. We are willing to do just the same. We left our homes, our beloved ones, the safety. And it all to find ourselves in the middle of a wrestling ring. We are here to defend OUR titles to whoever comes out. We might not win, we might get beaten within an inch of our lives but we will not give up.”

    He looks up the ramp but nothing happens

    Frank Jaegar: “WE will give our last to give everybody an awesome match.”

    Cheers arise from the crowd again. Frank Jaegar looks at THF, then back up the ramp...but nothing happens

    Frank Jaegar: “WE....”

    THF puts his hand on Franks shoulder and shakes his head. Both men look disappointed and walk towards the ropes. As they just reach them to leave the ring...

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    NOT on the line Empty Re: NOT on the line

    Post  Valerio on Wed May 02, 2012 3:07 pm

    Finally the music starts and Der Nomed and Valerio show up. Valerio looks at Nomed and you can see him nodding at Valerio.

    Together they walk to the ring to enter it.

    Nomed is going to stand in front of THF to look angry at him.

    Valerio is tensed and it looks like something or someone is really getting on her nerves. With no emotion on her face she looks at Frank.She walks to him to grab the mic out of his hand.

    Valerio: “I am getting so sick and tired of you and your supposedly naivety. Let me tell you…you act like a hero…but you fight like a WIMP. With your chilled and self-confidenced, ‘we are the future’ attitude.”

    She grins as she takes a step backwards

    Valerio: “Behind your smooth and flying acrobatic appearance and your ‘will to please’, there is not a sign of heroism in your fights. No passion. No bravery.”

    She is going to stand right in front of him and with eyes cold as stone she hisses

    Valerio: “Frank Jaegar is a nobody”

    She becomes more and more irritated as she sees that her words not affect him. She gives him a last humiliating look before she turns to walk towards THF. She is going to stand next to Der Nomed to smile at THF

    Valerio: “And the same can be said about the heavenly feathered little fighterfriend over here.”

    Her voice fills with anger

    Valerio: “You BOTH…DON’T deserve the title!”

    She turns to Frank again who is smiling at her with one eyebrow raised.
    It makes her furious, her eyes turn vicious and she clenches her fist

    Valerio: “You loathsome…little…piece of”

    As struck by lightning, out of nowhere she jumps on Frank with her elbow out to punch it powerful in his face. Frank bends over, covering his face with his hands.

    Der Nomed punches THF in his stomach and lifts him to throw him mercilessly on the canvas.

    Valerio takes Frank by his shoulders to let him stand straight and quickly she lifts her knee right between his legs while pushing him back. As he falls down she jumps on him pressing Frank into the ground and beats, beats, beats him in his face.

    The crowd goes stark raving mad and cheer at the top of their lungs. The ref interferes to get them all four separated and at that time, DING DING DING, the bell rings to start the match.

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