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    Tag Team Championship Vacancy


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    Tag Team Championship Vacancy Empty Tag Team Championship Vacancy

    Post  Wicker on Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:18 am

    T-Riggs' music is played. A few seconds later T-Riggs appears with the SCT Tag Team Championship belt on his shoulders.

    He walks to the ring and grabs a mic.

    T-Riggs: "Take a look ... I am still the Tag Team Champion!!!"

    T-Riggs lifts the belt high in the air.

    T-Riggs: "I need new opponents, because the last guys I had to fight were just jobbers. I want ..."

    Suddenly Joey Diamond's music is played. Joey Diamand appears on the stage and rushes to the ring.

    Joey Diamond: "HEY ... I am also teh SCT Tag Team Champion!!! We are a team!!"

    T-Riggs looks at Joey Diamond.

    T-Riggs: "A team, huh? Well ... you maybe my official partner, but everybody knows that I am the one who wins our matches. You are just SOMEBODY I need to keep that title ... nothing more."

    Joey Diamond: "Interesting. Let me tell you something ..."

    Joey Diamond throws the Tag Team belt towards T-Riggs.

    Joey Diamond: "There is the belt ... if I'm just a SOMEBODY for you and not a partner, I don't want that title."

    Joey Diamond turns around and leaves the ring.

    T-Riggs: "Well ... I don't care ..."

    T-Riggs grabs the second belt and lifts both belts high in the air.

    Suddenly Tamara's music is played. She walks to the ring.

    Tamara: "Riggs, obviously you don't have a patner anymore."

    T-Riggs: "I don't need a partner!!"

    Tamara: "Of course you need one, because the Tag Team Championship is TEAM Championship."

    T-Riggs: "I am strong enough to fight without a partner."

    Tamara: "I said ... the Tag Team Championship is TEAM Championship. You just lost your partner. Therfore I have no other choice than declaring the Tag Team Championship vacant. Give me the belts!!"

    T-Riggs: "WHAT??? NO ... these belts are MINE!!"

    Tamara: "Give me the belts!!"

    T-Riggs: "I said NO!!!"

    Tamara: "Huhhhhhhhhhhh. Listen ... and you should listen carefully. If you don't give that belts within the next 10 seconds, I will suspend you for 30 days."

    T-Riggs: "You can't do that!!"

    Tamara: "I can ... 7 seconds left."

    T-Riggs: "No ... Tamara ... listen .."

    Tamara: "5 seconds..."

    T-Riggs: "Tamara, give me the chance to look for a new partner!!"

    Tamara: "TWO seconds!!"

    T-Riggs: "OK OK ... here they are."

    T-Riggs hands the belts over to Tamara.

    Tamara: "Thank you!!"

    T-Riggs: "Thank you ... Thank you ... that is not fair. I am the Tag Team Champion and .."

    Tamara: "Not anymore ... and now get out of my sight!!"

    T-Riggs clenches his fists and leaves the ring.

    Tamara: "Ladies And Gentlemen, as I mentioned the SCT Tag Team Championship is now vacant. Later in the show I will tell everybody who will be the two teams which will fight for the belts."

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