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    A "Job" too "Big" for Olympus?


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    A "Job" too "Big" for Olympus? Empty A "Job" too "Big" for Olympus?

    Post  Olympus on Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:28 pm

    Olympus is walking backstage in the locker room area.

    He pauses.

    Something seems different.

    Listening intently, his eyes grow wide and he ducks with cat-like reflexes as a gloved fist cracks into the concrete mere inches above his head. He spins around to find the behemoth BigJobs standing before him.

    Olympus: Answers. Now.

    BigJobs: ......What?

    Olympus grits his teeth and glares at his new adversary.

    Olympus: Who the hell are you, and where do you get off trying to cave in my skull like that? Actually, don't answer that second one. I know it already feels like I'm on a higher level here in SCT, so I can understand the whole "pecking order" thing. You want to prove yourself by removing one of the higher-ups. Admirable, and I'll admit I'd have done the same if I were you. But, then again, I have no clue who you are. So let's hear it.

    BigJobs: I'm BigJobs. Been around a lot longer than you, have more wins in this circuit than you. Better than you. And I'll prove it in the ring, or right here and right now if you want.

    Olympus: Well you already tried that, remember? Didn't work out too well.

    Olympus points over at the hole in the wall caused by BigJobs' fist.

    Olympus: See?

    BigJobs seeths

    BigJobs: In the ring, then. We'll settle this in the ring.

    Olympus: So be it.

    With that, Olympus brushes past his latest challenger, to prepare for the match ahead.


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    A "Job" too "Big" for Olympus? Empty Re: A "Job" too "Big" for Olympus?

    Post  Wicker on Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:45 am


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