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    Turning up the heat


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    Turning up the heat Empty Turning up the heat

    Post  shadowinger on Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:10 pm

    Cornelius Rupert MaSSacre walks towards his Locker Room but as he gets nearer to the door he notices a flicker of light coming form the Locker Room. As he opens the Locker Room door he can feel some heat. As he enters the room the far wall is on fire with a message in flames. It reads "Fear is coming". Cornelius is totally startled and freaked out by the message and runs out of his Locker Room but straight into a clothesline shot from Shadowinger. Cornelius hits the SCT corridor floor hard.

    Shadowinger: I give you credit for keeping up the fight against me "MaSSacre" by now it's time to stop playing games and get ready for War!!!! Fear is coming and that would be me the 'Living Shadow'. You can't run or hide this time Cornelius as the ring will be surrounded by flames of fire. I will make you suffer for what you've down to me, my friend Michael Lowe and most importantly putting your hands on my girlfriend Vanessa Canes. You will Fear Me!!!

    Cornelius: Hey Shadow can't we just talk this over man to man. No hard feelings. I'm just pushing for a championship. There's been no real harm done. There's no more need for conflict.

    Shadowinger: You dare think that a weasel like you can just run away and washed your hands after what happened especially last week. Well then your very much mistaken. You gave me all the motivation I need to kick your butt in the Inferno match at Terrorversary. You will not escape and you will be punished. O' by the way your friend TDX won't be able to interfere in the match unless he wants to get burnt. Is just the 'Living Shadow' vs MaSSacre.

    A loud shouting voice comes from down the SCT corridor. A figure appears. TDX the German Nightmare is running towards Shadowinger & Cornelius.

    TDX: You will pay Shadowinger!!!

    Then Michael Lowe runs in from a adjacent corridor hitting TDX with a chair shot. Totally knocking TDX of his feet sending him crashing into the corridor wall.

    Michael Lowe: Not this time punk. Plus that's for taking the title back off me last week. Trust me I will be looking to get the title back. And this is the last time you interfere fool.

    Cornelius shakes his head in dispair.

    Shadowinger: So as you can see Cornelius it's time for your downfall and no one can help you now. Bring your best game to the Inferno match. Let's give these SCT fans a great match for SCT's anniversary.

    Both Shadowinger and Michael Lowe carry on down the SCT corridor's. While Cornelius & TDX pick themselves up, dazed from the encounter.

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