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    First interview for Sergiu.


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    First interview for Sergiu. Empty First interview for Sergiu.

    Post  Sergiu*aka*Nightmare on Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:20 am

    In backstage Sergiu and Charleen are ready for an interview.

    Charleen :" Hello ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you Sergiu ."

    Sergiu : "Hello miss."

    Charleen :" Sergiu This is your first time in Romania and it's seems after your first apparition in ring all romanians fans hate you."

    Sergiu :" All hate me because I'm a great superstar from SCT,because I'm not like the rest of SCT superstars,See I wrestle because I'm good,because I'm born with a talented in be wrestler,I'm not good in anything only in wrestling,but you see I never try it to get a title just to show how great I am,I fight just because this is my job and because I get some great money from wrestling,but now I'm angry,I'm really angry because I never expected to be punished for this from my people."

    Charleen :" So you admit they are right."

    Sergiu :" What? Are you crazy miss,I will never get back for this little ungrateful ugly romanian fans,except one beautiful lady."

    Alesandra make his apparition on camera side.

    Sergiu : "Like I promise you Ale you'll appear in a wrestling show,you'll be my lover."

    Alexandra try to say something but Sergiu kiss her and it's seems she wanted that.

    Alexandra : "This mean I'm you girlfriend ?"

    Sergiu : "Yes baby."

    Alexandra : "Really?"

    Sergiu : "Really really."

    Charleen : "I've never seen something like this."

    Sergiu : "And you'll never see it again,because I'm the only one who can do this,Ciao."

    Sergiu and Alexandra try to leave the intervie but Charleen intervenes.

    Charleen :"What about your match with Soho Sixx?"

    Sergiu : " What is so important with this match?"

    Charleen :" Well Soho is a great SCT Legend everyone is interesting now if your capable to beat real wrestlers."

    Sergiu :" What do you mean with this?I'm not a real wrestler?I'm going to destroy this so popular legend I'll show you,I'll show to the entire wold that I'm more than a real wrestler."

    FInally Sergiu Leave the interview.

    Charleen : "Will be interesting to see this generation match,I'm Charleen and that was Sergiu".

    Camera fades on black

    Second RP you can put him where you want but must be before my match Smile

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    First interview for Sergiu. Empty Re: First interview for Sergiu.

    Post  Wicker on Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:03 am


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