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    THF vs. Valerio Show 4


    THF vs. Valerio Show 4 Empty THF vs. Valerio Show 4

    Post  Gast on Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:25 am

    The Heavenly Fighter runs through the hallway and sees Valerio. THF is on Valerio.

    The Heavenly Fighter: Today is a good day. Today we will show both against each other Fall in and the fans what it means to struggle. However, be careful! If you do any kind of unfair and white fights, I'll show you what it means when the freeze is hell. It's time again for a long time to deny a fight I can. And I will show the fans what it means to advocate for a right for which one must always struggle. You've earned it.

    Because I ... Fight ... for the .. Right.

    The Heavenly Fighter läuft durch den Gang und sieht dort Valerio. THF geht auf Valerio zu.

    The Heavenly Fighter: Heute ist ein guter Tag. Heute werden wir beide gegeneinander Antreten und den Fans zeigen was es heißt zu Kämpfen. Jedoch gib acht! Solltest Du auf irgendeiner art und weisse unfair Kämpfen, werde ich dir zeigen was es heißt, wenn die Hölle zufrieren wird. Es ist nach langer Zeit mal wieder ein Kampf den ich bestreiten kann. Und ich werde den Fans zeigen was es heißt, für ein Recht einzutreten, für das man immer Kämpfen muss. Sie haben es verdient.

    Denn Ich... Kämpfe... für das... Recht.

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    THF vs. Valerio Show 4 Empty Re: THF vs. Valerio Show 4

    Post  Valerio on Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:31 pm

    The Heavenly Fighter walks through the hallway and sees Valerio. THF approaches Valerio.

    The Heavenly Fighter: "Today is a good day. Today we will be in a match against each other and we will show the fans what it is to fight. But mind my words! When you, in any kind, are going to fight unfair, I will show you freezing hell. It is time again for a straight match. And I will show the fans what it means to defend the right for which one always has to struggle. You’ve earned it".

    The Heavenly Fighter: "Because I…Fight…for the…Right".

    Valerio looks for a few seconds unbelieving at The Heavenly Fighter before she starts to smile. She folds her arms before her chest and she starts to grin. Then she laughs out loud.

    Valerio: “Hahaha…fight for the right. Good on you".

    She grins even more before she starts to speak sarcastic

    Valerio: "Great! I have two opponents. One is wearing wings and fights for ‘the right’ and the other is wearing a mask and fights for ‘the performance’. Wow…I am impressed. Where are the men with balls???"

    She is going to stand right in front of THF and her eyes spit fire

    Valerio: "And now? I should be scared?"

    Her face turns angry

    Valerio: "I am NOT. And I will tell you what I fight for. I fight for me, myself and I. And for the glory. Every time I enter that ring I want to win. And I will do anything to achieve that. I cheat. I interfere. I fight unfair. Anything to leave you two drooling on the canvas. THAT is my right. And MY performance. Whether you like it or not".

    She takes a step backwards

    Valerio: "And you promise me hell?"

    Her eyes turn devilish and her smile satanic

    Valerio: "I AM from hell".

    She looks for a second at THF

    Valerio: "Now pull your wings in and let me pass!"

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