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    Post  Frank.Jaegar on Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:42 am

    Frank Jaegar enters the gym and it's packed. At every training equipment a wrestler is working out. Suddenly he sees a free spot. A weightlifter bank right between a treadmill and a rowing machine. He walks over to it but suddenly he realises, the treadmill and the rowing machine are being occupied by Valerio and THF. Frank Jaeger looks to the ceiling.

    Frank Jaegar: "Lord, give me strength..."

    He continues his walk to the weightlifter bank and without loosing a word he starts working out.

    [Attention! No matter what any wrestler is going to say about the recent matches, their outgo, or the interferences, Frank will not give an answer to anything. Following is to be added after Valerio and THF are done trash talking/ supporting]

    Frank Jaegar lifts the weight again...and again...and again... before he finally puts the weight back into the steel retainer.

    He stands up and as he walks off without looking back he says.

    Frank Jaegar: "Thank you..."

    No one can tell if it was honesty or sarcasm in his words...

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    Post  Valerio on Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:46 am

    Valerio, who saw Frank entering in the corners of her eyes, keeps stoically on rowing for a while. But it is as if her strength is fading away. And it angers her. Softly to herself she curses. The muscles in her cheeks tighten as she takes the towel to dry her sweaty face.

    She stands up to leave the rowing machine and when she walks along Frank Jaegar she takes the weight with one hand to look down on Frank. As she looks him straight in his eyes she says:

    Valerio: “Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength…”

    She takes a breath as if she wants to say more but she decides to hold her tongue. She gives Frank a last look before she lets the weight go. She looks at THF for a second and leaves the gym.

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    Post  Gast on Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:37 am

    THF puts down his treadmill and built up a small altar. Then he says.

    The Heavenly Fighter: Oh man you've really understood what the two want anything? I do not think so. But I know one thing. That something is rotten in both. I think we will have to make clear that sometimes, what it means to fight for law and order. Pride goeth before a fall, even as you're right. But who am höhsten is falling jägers and harder. I want to show humility and therefore I will fight till they drop.

    Because I. .. Fight ... for the ... right

    THF stellt sein Laufband ab und baut sich einen kleinen Altar auf. Dann sagt er.
    The Heavenly Fighter: Oh man hast du eigentlich irgendetwas verstanden was die beiden wollen? Ich glaube nicht. Jedoch weiß ich eins. Das bei beiden etwas faul ist. Ich glaube, wir werden denen mal klar machen müssen, was es bedeutet Recht und Ordnung zu erkämpfen. Hochmut kommt vor den Fall, ja da hast Du recht. Wer aber am höhsten ist, der fällt läger und härter. Ich möchte demut zeigen und deshalb werde ich Kämpfen bis zum Umfallen.

    Denn I... Fight... for the... Right

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    Post  Wicker on Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:02 am

    sorry guys ... but I don't understand where this RP should go for ...

    Frank sent me a RP I will use:

    Frank Jaegar is walking down the backstage area. He passes several cases and boxes before he walks around a corner and almost runs into The Wicker Man.

    The Wicker Man: “Careful, dude. You’re walking on thin ice.”

    Frank Jaegar: “Excuse me?”

    The Wicker Man leans forward.

    The Wicker Man: “I said that you’re walking on thin ice.”

    Frank Jaegar: “I know you’re a lot longer here than I am. But you’re not really threatening me. Are you?”

    The Wicker Man: “No. Not me. You’re new here. And I wanted to warn you. You didn’t pull a single win since you arrived.”

    Frank Jaegar: “This can happen to anyone.”

    The Wicker Man: “You’re on the hitlist. Just wanted to warn you. You will have to…”

    Suddenly Tamara enters the frame. Frank and the Wicker Man are looking at her.

    The Wicker Man: “Gotta go.”

    He looks back at Frank

    The Wicker Man: “Keep in mind what I told you.”

    The Wicker Man walks away and Frank and Tamara look at each other.

    Tamara: “Frank Jaegar. Just the man I have been looking for.”

    Frank Jaegar: “Tamara. I have been looking for you as well. Listen, is it possible for me to have some time off. Just a little while. I don’t seem to find my mojo in the ring. I’m a bit distracted and my in-ring actions aren’t in flow currently.”

    Tamara: “You’re being serious right now?”

    Frank Jaegar: “I’m in wrestling for as long as you are. And to you, and many others, it’s just a business.”

    Tamara: “That’s why it’s called business.”

    She folds her arms before her chest

    Frank Jaegar: “But to me…wrestling is an art. A physical challenge maybe as well. But mostly it’s an art. Having a wrestling match is giving a performance. No matter the outgo it’s important that the people are being entertained. And somehow I feel I can’t give 100% of myself to the crowd.”

    Tamara: “You’re done?”

    Frank Jaegar: “Yes.”

    Tamara: “Okay. Now I will tell you what’s on my mind right now. Call it whatever you want, but at the end of the day, wrestling is still a business. I earn money with it just as you do. And you know where the money lies?”

    Frank Jaegar: “Merchandising? TV contracts?”

    Tamara: “Wins. Plain and simple: WINS!”

    Frank Jaegar: “I don’t…”

    Tamara: “Shut up, your boss is talking. If you don’t pull wins, you don’t pull money. So from my point of view you didn’t earn me a single cent yet. When I have been watching SCT over the last weeks I cannot believe I did put Valerios contract on approbation. But instead I should have chosen you. You want time off? I will give you time off. If you lose your next match, you will be fired. Do you get me sweetheart?”

    Frank Jaegar: “But that’s not… I don’t think…”

    Tamara points at Frank Jaegars chest

    Tamara: “I don’t give a damn what you think.”

    She looks up and smiles.

    Tamara: “Oh, this is perfect. Let’s raise the odds and change the stipulations. Your next match…your maybe last match on SCT will be a Ladder Triple Threat match against THF and Valerio. The briefcase will have two papers in it and the winner has to choose. In it will be a ‘money in the bank opportunity’ and your contract. You win, you can keep your contract. One of the others wins, he/she can fight a champion of his/her choice for the title. And that match will take place at the PPV that’s lying two weeks ahead of us. “

    Tamara points down the hall

    Tamara: “Now get yourself ready because your match is NEXT!”

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