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    One Last Rematch


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    Post  WildFire on Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:29 pm

    The Illuminati , WildFire, Soho Sixx, Bigjobs, Legacy, Twilight Storm, Zeus the Fighter and Tamara are celebratiing Soho Sixx's New Blood Championship.

    WildFire :"Congratulations Soho, now you have won every championship but the Mondial."

    Soho :".."

    WildFire :"You won fair and square no worries eh."

    Soho :"..."

    WildFire :"Ya now you are Champ, you won two in a row for the best or three. We just have to find you an opponent for the PPV."

    Soho shrugs.

    The Illuminati all congratulate Soho and give their suggestions for oppponents.

    Bigjobs :"Hmm hey that belt would look good around my waist little brother" he jokes.

    Twilight elbows him in the ribs :"Hey and leave me without my tag partner??"

    Bigjobs :"Uhh no, I was just kidding really" he waves her off frantically.

    Zeus the Fighter laughs.

    WildFire :" I don't knoooowwww, you can be tag team partner and singles champ at the same time ..."

    Twilight frowns at him and WildFire shuts up.

    Tamara :"OOOOh first time I ever saw him shut up..."

    Twilight laughs .

    Everyone is laughing .

    Except for Legacy who speaks up.

    Legacy :"Hey guys, uhh it's not done yet." He holds up the contract.

    Legacy :"Technically WildFire and Soho Sixx have to have one more match before the PPV winner take all."

    WildFire frowns as Legacy hands himn the contract and shows him.

    WildFire :Hmm he is right..."

    Soho Sixx :"..."

    WildFire :"It was supposed to be best of three FIRST TO WIN TWO WINS but when it got written up it said "best of three WINNER TAKE ALL", so technically we HAVE to fight a 3rd match regardless of the outcome of the first three."

    Tamara :"Hmm let me see." She reads the contract. "Yes WildFire is correct that is what it says .. hmm I think there is mischief afoot."

    WildFire shrugs :"A minor clerical error,perhaps.. anyway I guess we have one more match then."

    Soho nods

    WildFire nods as the camera fades to black.


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    Post  Wicker on Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:31 am


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