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    Post  WildFire on Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:42 am

    WildFire and Soho Sixx are sparring in the ring together.

    WildFire and Soho Sixx grapple furiously, kicking and striking eachother repeatedly until they are both breathing hard.

    WildFire and Soho Sixx disengage and pause as they trainer signals a stop.

    WildFire :"Good mathch last week.."

    Soho Sixx nods.

    WildFire "Hardcore match tonight..."

    Soho Sixx nods.

    WildFire :"If you win you become the champion having won 2 out of the three."

    Soho nods

    WildFire :"If I win , we have a 3rd match to see who is champ going into the Pvp."

    Soho nods.

    WildFire :"Any idea of what our 3rd match should be?"

    Soho laughs.

    WildFire :"WHEN I WIN tonight, not IF!"

    Soho: "...."

    WildFire :"Hmmmph .. alright IF I win... "

    Soho laughs.

    WildFire :"Ahhh just for that ... the trainer hands him a Kendo sword.." WildFire wacks Soho Sixx with it as Soho blocks it and the trainer hands Soho his own Kendo sword.

    They quickly resume training.

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    Post  Wicker on Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:48 am


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